Petrus Schroderus
- The singing policeman -

Tenor Petrus, Petrus Schroderus, is the singing policeman from Oulu, Finland who shocked the world with his version of 'I love you life' (Rakastan sinua, elämä) by Eduard Kolmanovski. The video reached millions of viewers worldwide within the matter of days.


He performed 'I love you life' and many other favorites as O Sole Mio and Non ti Scordar di me at a live stream concert on Mother's Day 10.05.2020. The concert was hosted in the main church of city of Oulu, Finland where he performed alongside talented Mrs. Inga Söder accompanied with great musicians.  


The Great Mother's Day Concert

Petrus Schroderus Live! was streamed 10.05.2020


The Great Mother's Day concert Live stream 10.5.2020 - The playlist 


1. Instrumental: Valse Lente (O. Merikanto)

2. Petrus Schroderus: Finlandia (J. Sibelius)

3. Petrus Schroderus: Non ti Scordar di me (E. de Curtis)

4. Inga Söder: You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman (A. Franklin)

5. Petrus Schroderus: Romanssi (L. Wager)

6. Petrus Schroderus: Uudelleen Jos Luokses Tulla Voisin (G. Ots)

7. Inga Söder: Because You Loved Me (C. Dion)

8. Inga Söder: Hallelujah (L. Cohen)

9. Inga Söder: What a Wonderful World (R. Charles)

10. Petrus Schroderus: O Sole Mio! (E. di Capua)

11. Petrus Schroderus: Rakastan elämää - Uusi päivä koittaa vielä! (E. Kolmanovski)




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